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  • The Superhero Mindset Unleashed

  • Worth, Wealth, and Wellness

  • Parent Formula

The Superhero Mindset Unleashed

Parents have unique skills and abilities that help shape the future of humanity. Living into our purpose as parents and understanding our mission sets us on the path to success. Our children along with future generations, are the beneficiaries of our commitment and sacrifice. 

  • Measure Parenting Success

  • Foster Your Purpose

  • Apply the 5 Principles (Superhero Mindset)


Worth, Wealth, and Wellness

There are three questions we should all ask ourselves: Do I understand my Worth? What do I consider Wealth? Am I Well?

The 3 WWWs are the key components to living a free and joyful life. Knowing that you are priceless allows you to recognize your Worth, measure your Wealth and establish a Wellness plan. 

  • Establishing Boundaries

  • Breaking The Chains

  • Keeping your Soul In-Tune 

Parent Formula 

This is an incredible opportunity to look at parenting in a new and simplified way. With stories that make you laugh and cry, we will explore solid solutions to the complexity of parenting. Let's build a strong foundation together, so that our children, the hope of the world, can prosper.

  • Removing Fear and Guilt

  • Perception Reflection 

  • 4 Elements to the Formula 

Conference Meeting


Erwin Rocha is a family man who I consider a true friend for over 15 years now.  A little over 20 years ago, I had a vision of starting a youth program with the goal of positively impacting youth growing up in, and around South Central LA.  In the early stages, I needed a partner who was equally dedicated as I with a vision of making a positive impact.  Not long after, I was directed to connect with Erwin who was leading the LAPD Southwest Division Youth Programs.  Immediately, I was impressed by his commitment to serving the community, making a positive, and lasting impact in the lives of kids, and his dedication to the kids in his programs.  I knew it was something about this guy that told me his work meant far more to him than the paycheck he was earning.  Over the years, I’ve witnessed Erwin spend his own personal money to assist a student, or family in need. Erwin has a true passion for helping others, and connects with the youth and parents in a way rarely seen these days.  Over the years, we’ve worked side-by-side in helping to keep thousands of kids out of prison and providing them with the resources needed to turn their lives around.  In addition, we’ve provided thousands of other kids the opportunity to tour colleges, and universities around the country, and conducted educational youth trips around the world. In conclusion, Erwin is a class act that has committed his life to service, and giving back to others.  We’ve worked together as a team, and I look forward to working with him for many more years to come.

Edwin Henderson, M.A.

Founder/Executive Director - On A Mission Inc.


One of the best experiences I've ever had was listening to Erwin Rocha speak to our youth. His wisdom has helped me understand life and how to deal with the challenges as we continue to shape our youth. We met through a tragedy, when I lost a loved one to street violence. This unfortunate incident led us to meet and I am forever grateful for the blessing of meeting him. Erwin has become a dear friend who I cherish and appreciate. God led me to take dozens of youth his way. He has changed and shaped the lives of many of them, including my own. I've attended his parenting classes as well, and it's helped guide me in the way a raise my children. Erwin is an example and an exceptional person to our community. Very difficult to write a short testimonial about my good friend, he is incredible, amazing, upfront, gentle, but direct. If you want to accomplish anything that's exceptional, you'll likely have to adopt the habits and character traits of people who accomplish exceptional things, and this is Erwin Rocha. A great example. One of the best of the best 

Claudia Perez

Founder/President - LA On Cloud 9


I met officer Rocha back in 2010. He was always very professional and knowledgable in his work.

I want to express my gratitude for all the help Officer Rocha has given to me and my family since 2010. He takes pride in helping parents and troubled adolescents within our community in south central Los Angeles. He was always so patient with frustrated and often defeated parents. Erwin has brought inspiration in his teachings of commitment and consistency. The skills I learned made me a believer that anything is possible with hard work and focused efforts. Things always work out when you stay the course. His words of wisdom remain always in my heart. I am forever grateful for everything he's done for our community. Thank you for caring Officer Rocha!

Teresa Juaregui - A Grateful Mom

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